Love and take care of your vaginas and penises please ✨💕

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Ferris Wheel Flicks



Ferris Wheel Flicks


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*reblogs pictures of people I have no chance in hell with*

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Officially Going To Bed.

*pops 4 sleeping pills*

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I’m so afraid of failure (not even afraid, expectant?) I have to psych myself up to do anything tbh

I have a “if it’s not perfect, it’s not worth it” handicap and it’s stopped me from being where I want to be at in life

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outtake from the notorious KIM photo sessions, shot by david lachapelle (circa 2000).

You Best Take Heed!

outtake from the notorious KIM photo sessions, shot by david lachapelle (circa 2000).

You Best Take Heed!

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You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

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18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

Always Reblog..
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Anonymous said: How come you're so comfortable with not being cute? Like announcing it.

Man, Listen. I Wasn’t The Cutest Little Girl. & Certain People Around Me Made That Very KNOWN. So From The Jump I Grew Up “Knowing” That I Wasn’t Pretty. I Learned To Still Be Comfortable In My Own Skin. If I Was Going To Be Ugly For The Rest Of My Life, I Mind As Well Accept It. I Mean, It Wasn’t Anything That Happened Overnight But I Figured, I Was Born With This Face, So I Will Die With This Face. I Will Have To Embrace It. I’m Not Typical Or “Standard Black Beauty” Or Whatever..So I Just Replace Focusing On The Physical With Loving The Mental. I Love My Personality And That Makes Me Feel Beautiful. & That’s Why I’m So Comfortable In Not Being Anyone’s “Type”. I Was Never That Girl.

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Rooftop Radicals Series pt. 2

Sand. Scripts.

Model: black—lamb

Photography, Styling & Makeup: shanellbklyn

photos taken by shanellBKLYN © All Rights Reserved.


Oh My God.

It’s Like Pure Gold. These Photos Are AMAZING!

& Of Course The Model Is Everything.

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